As a private investigator San Diego, it pays to know how electronic bugging works, and conversely, how electronic debugging works. After all, when you spend time investigating all sorts of cases, you learn when electronic bugging will be most effective, and when it won’t.

So if you’re the head of a company and you want your data to be secure, then it helps to know how other San Diego private investigators will be bugging your place so that you can get debugging protection.

The fact is that if you have ever spoken to someone in person about vital information for your company, or the new developments in your company’s services or products, unless you have had that place swept and checked for bugs, you can’t be sure that those secrets really are safe. It’s a scary thought, to be sure, but there are quite a few different services that many San Diego private investigators use to stop that.

Many large companies will employ a private investigator San Diego to help work with debugging their companies. Corporate espionage is on the rise even more now than it has been in the past, given the very doggish nature of business, and new technologies to get information. When it comes to debugging, it helps to know what different security services are willing to do for you.

The most obvious of the debugging services come from having the right technology to help discover the bugging devices in the multi billion illegal bugging industry for corporate espionage. It isn’t hard to make a small home-made bug for a company, but a good private investigator San Diego would be able to detect it using the right technology.

Many of these particular defense services for debugging will help by first analyzing where you do business, catching the vulnerabilities of the different rooms that you might conduct business in case they are prone to being bugged. There are different technologies used to help detect if you have had your phones tapped and sweep for home-made and professional bugs all available from a private investigator San Diego.

Many of the San Diego private investigators are able to also offer the services of on-site, in-place monitoring, as well as off-site monitoring of RF so that the private investigators can track the safety of your information even if they aren’t there. This can be a great option if you don’t think you’ll have the room to really keep private investigators in your actual business office all the time.

A private investigator San Diego will be able to help you out with plenty of surveillance counter measures that can assist you in many ways to stop corporate espionage from ruining your company’s future. With something as simple as looking through items of value, easily overlooked ones such as a car, a briefcase, or desk office, you can have a San Diego private investigator sweep those items so that you are never again another victim.