In this 2 minute video, fellow private investigator Tom Martin goes over a couple of important topics for anyone considering hiring a PI, as well as a good security tip regarding getting to know your neighbors.  Especially noteworthy is the first point Tom goes into, which is the sensitivity of many cases, especially any case where a spouse might be cheating.  At Western, one of my primary goals is to truly listen to your unique circumstances, and then – most importantly – to openly and effectively communicate strategies, case updates, and ultimately your final client report in a way that makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

If you’re considering working with a local Orange County private investigator, be sure to pay attention to the impression and feelings you get when calling initially.  Are they patient, understanding, and caring?  You may be in a situation that brings on stresses and emotions you haven’t had before.  Is the detective you speak with someone you would want to work with through this time?

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