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As one of the most experienced private detective agencies in California, we understand that no two cases are the same. We understand your circumstances are unique. Western Investigations is a family owned and operated private investigation company and we have helped thousands of people across California for more than 20 years. We have the experience to understand your case and apply investigative strategies appropriately. Most importantly, we understand you very well may be dealing with a difficult situation, so we are always compassionate as well as confidential.

Call us for a free, private consultation. Our lead investigator will take the time to understand your situation and recommend an appropriate strategy. We will always tell you upfront exactly what everything will cost.

We offer a full range of private detective services including surveillance, background checks, cheating spouse and family law investigations, phone breaks, asset searches, and much more. However, our main expertise lies in surveillance. We are the surveillance experts in California. Many private investigators claim to offer surveillance, but they simply lack the experience, technology, and know how to do it effectively. At Western we have been conducting professional surveillance for more than 20 years. Don't trust something this important to a mediocre investigator. You deserve a level of service that only an experienced surveillance expert like us can provide.

While we are based in San Diego, we have local investigators in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and throughout California. No matter where you are in California, you can be sure a local, experienced investigator will be working your case.

Private Investigators In San Diego

San Diego, California is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With our close proximity to the border, the mountains, and beaches, San Diego is an extremely diverse city. This one of a kind city can also present challenges to private investigators that only an experienced local investigator could deal with successfully.

San Diego, Ca. is well known as a vacation destination and a thriving convention city. We host thousands of conventions every year and each convention and hotel / resort has its own set of unique protocols that a detective must be aware while conducting the investigation.

Knowing the city’ s residential neighborhoods, corporate areas, beach towns, and downtown hot spots is critical to conducting a successful investigation. Also, occasionally cases that originate in San Diego end up crossing the border and going into Mexico. Being able to cross the border into Mexico and feeling comfortable blending in and still getting evidence can make the difference in working the case.

Using local, “ home grown” , investigators on case assignments, be it surveillance, locates or background investigations greatly increases the quality of the investigation and the likelihood of producing the results needed by the customer.

What is a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are known by a number of different titles, private eye, P.I., private detective, etc…   Ultimately, a private investigator is hired by private consumers, businesses, and even government municipalities for the purpose of conducting investigations and gathering factual evidence.  Private investigators are also frequently retained by law firms, corporations and the general public for the purpose gathering evidence of infidelity in the case of family law matters, and competitive corporate intelligence for business purposes.  Regardless of one’s reason for hiring a private investigator, the fact of the matter is that people have been turning to private investigators for hundreds of years and P.I’s have, in turn, been providing those clients with information, intelligence, and evidence, used for a variety of reasons.
Most states within the United States require that the private investigator be licensed before conducting investigations in behalf of a paying client.  The licensing requirements for private investigators vary from state to state, but usually involve a background investigation on the P.I., a minimum level of professional investigative experience, and passing some kind of examination.  Many states also require a business license and insurance and bonding for the Private Investigator.  Private detective work often requires and understanding of the laws relating to privacy, stalking, and loitering and these often vary from state to state.  Detectives


Although many private investigators are former law enforcement officers, it is critical to understand that as a “private” detective, they do not represent the interest of the state or the city where they are located.  State and city employed law enforcement officers could also be referred to as “public investigators” as they are employed by the state and work in behalf of “the people” or public they represent. 

Private Investigators, on the other hand, can be hired by anyone for the purpose of conducting an investigation.  In many ways, private investigators have more freedom to conduct an investigation and are not restrained by many civil rights regulations that bind law enforcement officers representing the government.  However, private investigators are still required to follow the law and bound by the same rules of evidence once the case goes to court.  

Whatever one chooses to call it, private investigator, private detective, private eye, P.I., it is undeniable that private investigators can play a pivotal role in gathering information, intelligence, and evidence for their cliental.  Private investigators are a useful tool in the criminal justice system and in family law courtrooms across the United States.  

By and large, private eye’s are law abiding detectives who work hard for their clients who have high expectations because they are paying the P.I. directly.  Private Investigators typically understand rules of evidence, have access to private databases, and understand methods of investigation and obtaining photographic evidence that the general public is unaware of.  

Give a private investigator a call and you will probably be surprised at their level of professionalism as well as their ability to suggest investigative solutions to the problem that you are facing and may not yet have considered.  In San Diego?  We are the leading San Diego Private Investigator.  Though San Diego based we serve all of southern California.  Give us a call for your complimentary (and confidential) consultation.


10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Private Investigator


  • How long have you been licensed?  (Note, typically the lower the license # the longer the private investigator has held the license).
  • Have you ever worked this kind of investigation before?  (Ask for examples.  Listen to see if the investigator divulges anything confidential.  Is so, don’t work with a P.I. who reveals confidential information.)
  • What kind of camera(s) do you use?  (Any private investigator who specializes in surveillance should be able to answer this question immediately.)  
  • Will you provide me with direct access to the surveillance investigators working the case?  (Client contact with field investigators improves the free flow of information and can make the difference in a successful case.  Ask for the cell phone # of the surveillance investigator.)
  • When does your billing began?  Am I charged for travel time to and from the surveillance location?  Do you charge for mileage?  (There should be no “surprises” when it comes to what you are being charged by the private investigator.)
  • Does your private investigator perform “on site” court research or just use 3rd party databases when conducting background investigations?
  • What is your hourly rate?  Do you have a 4 hour minimum when working surveillance assignments?
  • Do I need to sign a contract or will you provide me with a “letter of engagement” outlining exactly what the private investigator agrees to do and at what hourly rate?  (The Private Investigator should offer you something in writing before beginning the assignment.)
  • Will you provide me with a copy of your Private Investigator License and your Liability Insurance Certificate?  (At least ask to see a copy of the license and then verify it with the State Department of Consumer Affairs at the link below.)
  • Do you guarantee results?  (A Private Investigator should never guarantee anything to a client that is not within his or her control.) 


  • Does the investigator listen to your case details?
  • Does he respond directly to your questions?
  • Will he give you a price quote up front?
  • Ask to see a copy of the investigator’s license.
  • Ask for a copy of the investigator’s Liability Insurance Certificates.
  • Request to see a copy of their workers' comp. certificate.
  • Contact State Licensing Board and verify license.
  • Ask how long it will take for the Private Investigator to get on site once called.

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