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Western Investigations is a statewide California based private detective agency established in 1996 for the purpose of providing investigative services to the general public. We are fully licensed to do business throughout the state. The company was founded by Patrick R. Schneemann in 1996 to fulfill a need for quality customer oriented investigations in the private sector.

Western Investigations is a large enough to offer services throughout the state of California and other western states, but small enough to maintain tight control of every case from a central office. We work with a network of licensed investigators who are familiar with our standards and adhere to our investigation policies. Our investigators report directly to the office in the form of email and telephone calls daily.

Also, it’s important to note, that all surveillance investigators are able to report directly to the client from the field and during the course of the investigation. It has been our experience that we have the best chance of success when the field investigator is in direct contact with the client so valuable information can be passed on directly without using a “middle-man”. This policy is unique to Western Investigations. Each investigation is handled with respect for the client’s objectives and confidentiality.

Patrick Schneemann – California Private Detectives

Patrick R. Schneemann was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1992 with a BS Degree in Political Science and subsequently started his career in the investigations industry back in California. Mr. Schneemann spent 4 years working as an insurance fraud investigator in Orange County during which time he traveled throughout the state conducting thousands of hours of surveillance and taking countless witness statements.

Mr. Schneemann founded Western Investigations in 1996 and at the present time the company offers services throughout the state. Mr. Schneemann is personally involved in every investigation and works closely with both the clients and the field investigators working the cases throughout the state.

Private Investigator Patrick SchneemannIn 2006 Mr. Schneemann was selected to host a television show produced for CBS called “My Other Life”. The show focused on locating and reuniting long lost loved ones, friends and family members who had been separated for decades. Mr. Schneemann used his skills as an investigator to find people and also “walk them” through the reunion process. Working on the television show allowed him to draw on his experience as an investigator and also his experience in working with people who are emotionally involved in a relationship to connect with. Although the show never aired, the entire experience was rewarding and brought home the point that private investigation work really is about bringing people together.

Schneemann Family

Patrick R. Schneemann has been married for 19 years and he and his wife have 7 children together. He recognizes the important of family and realizes that as a private investigator the cases he works on impact husbands, wives and children.

At Western Investigations, we understand the significance of the work we perform. The company is family owned and we perform our work with the family in mind.

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